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DFW Retirement Planners - Our Philosophy

DFW Retirement Planners and our affiliate partners provide our clients with access to specialized and skilled financial advisors, tax attorneys, estate planning attorneys, accounting professionals and other experts to assist you with your needs. Our dedicated team advises our clients on advanced wealth management strategies in order to create and grow wealth.

Your Access To Our Entire Team Of Strategic Partners

As a client, you’ll be surrounded by a highly skilled team of advisors who specialize in the fields of:

Retirement Income Generation
Asset Accumulation
Tax Planning
Estate Planning

The four criteria above make up our R.A.T.E. system, which is what our wealth management plans are designed around. Below, you can find a more detailed explanation of our R.A.T.E. system. To find out more information regarding how our firm or our affiliates can help you create and grow wealth, contact one of our professional team members at our Fort Worth, Texas office.

Retirement Income Generation – If income will be needed now or in the future, our plans provide for maximum retirement income derived from each investment dollar. This is our first planning priority; when will you need income, and how much income will you require? Once we know that your income needs will be met for your lifetime, we proceed to our second key criteria.

Asset Accumulation – Most of our clients want their assets to grow at a rate no lower than the Rate of inflation. In addition, if you will be taking income, it will be important for your assets to continue to grow enough to support those income needs into the future. This growth should be protected from the ravages of a violent stock market. Accordingly, we seek three attributes in our clients’ assets:

1. Safety – store assets in investment environments that have minimal risk of loss.
2. Liquidity – ensures investment assets are accessible based on predictable timelines.
3. Rate of Return – generate predictable, consistent, and logical rates of return from investments.

Tax Efficiency – We seek to minimize tax consequences on our investments before, during and after retirement.

“There are two tax systems in America; one for the informed, and one for the uninformed.”
– Judge Learned Hand

There are many tools and techniques available to the informed investor to minimize or eliminate many of the taxes paid by the uninformed investor. We incorporate tax saving strategies in all of our planning.

Estate Tax Planning – When we reach the end of our lives, most of us want to pass our assets to those we care about in the most efficient manner, with the least cost and the least taxes due. Accomplishing these objectives often requires planning in advance of the triggering event. We offer access to teams of experienced estate planners. We can show you why the Federal Estate Tax is a voluntary tax, which you may choose not to pay through advance planning.

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